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RE: New mini-LIT Member

>BTW, are there plans to revive the old site,
>or are you working on the completely new one?
>And then, what with the old one - 
>will it be dismantled eventually?
>-- Zenon

Current plans are to use the site at my office as a
"development" site and once we get it to the point
where it is a viable replacement for the old site,
I will begin mirroring it at SunSITE.  This will allow
everyone here to modify the pages on SunSITE without
having to get accounts there.  You'll really be modifying
it on another computer.  I'd also like to expand LIT
to have a section for Interstellar travel (which we already
have), a section for in-system travel, and a section for
earth and near-earth sciences.

Kevin also has a few ideas about the future of LIT.
Personally, I can't say I agree with him, but if you'd
like to share your ideas, Kevin...