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Re: New mini-LIT Member

> From kgstar@most.fw.hac.com Mon Jul  8 17:23:11 1996
> Ok, I have added him to my list.  Have you forwarded him copies of past
> discusion?  
I have forwarded a sample from the recent discussion.
If he wants, I can forward him more.

> Address of the web sites (production <?> and developmental) and
> the rest?
He knows the old LIT site.
I am afraid I am not up to date with your latest
WWW-sites developments - can you send me (and him)
the relevant URLs? (and the rest (?))

BTW, are there plans to revive the old site,
or are you working on the completely new one?
And then, what with the old one - 
will it be dismantled eventually?

-- Zenon