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Re: New mini-LIT Member

Ok, I have added him to my list.  Have you forwarded him copies of past
discusion?  Address of the web sites (production <?> and developmental) and
the rest?


At 4:05 PM 7/8/96, Zenon Kulpa wrote:
>A young guy with whom I have exchanged e-mails since some time
>on various topics is interested in joining our mini-LIT
>discussion circle. A short introduction by him is enclosed below.
>I think we may safely add them to our circle.
>If there are no objections, please add his address to your
>LIT mail aliases.
>-- Zenon
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>> From pbakelaar@exit109.com Mon Jul  8 12:10:01 1996
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>> To: zkulpa@zmit1.ippt.gov.pl (Zenon Kulpa)
>> From: Philip Bakelaar <pbakelaar@exit109.com>
>> Subject: Re: LIT
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>> My name is Ben Bakelaar, and I am 15 years old. I currently
>> live in NJ, in Manahawkin, next to Long Beach Island. I
>> moved here in November 95 from Little Falls, near Paterson,
>> where I had lived for 10 years. I am going into 10th grade.
>> I have had a love to read ever since I could, and even
>> before that. At age 10 I discovered sci-fi, then fantasy,
>> and have read 100s of novels since, (and spent $100s in
>> the process)! I am a good student in math & science and
>> have always had a love for them. I am in all honor
>> classes.
>> I wish to join LIT because I believe in the reality
>> of moving into outer-space and the importance of the
>> advancement of technology to that point. I also
>> believe that although the goverment MAY be trying to
>> do this, individual work is well rewarded. Being a part
>> of LIT, I would hopefully recieve references from members
>> to books on learning things such as quantum physics and
>> other related matter. Also, I hope to host the LIT web
>> site, as well as (once I learn some stuff) be able to
>> intelligently participate in conversation, something I
>> NEED! I rarely have the chance to have a highly technical
>> discussion of sorts, and even if LIT doesn't have many,
>> it will be better than nothing! >:)
>> I guess that should do it.
>> Thanx Zenon for trying to get me in!
>> Ben


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