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Re: Plasma mirror

At 12:47 AM 6/20/96, Timothy van der Linden wrote:
>Kelly replied:

>>>- How fast would such a sheet render useless after the power has been
>>>cut off?
>>Almost as fast as it can be reaimed I'ld guess.
>One other question that I'm thinking of, how fast can it be recreated from
>"scratch". I could imagine that it is blown away faster than it can be build.
>(We cannot just turn off the maser beam, waiting for the ion-mirror to be

True.  We'ld need to know how much mass was neccissary to reflect the beam,
and how fast it would be blown clear.

In general we'ld need to know the specific interaction between the beam and
the plasma cloud.

>>I was thinking the ions would be blown out of the plasma sheet as they
>>interact with the beam.  Since the beam presure would be far greater than
>>the holding magnetic fields
>I guess a "soft" attachment to the starship could work
>>>Yes, are you clearvoyant?
>>What can I say.  Great minds think alike.
>Am I sorry I asked....     ;))

I fore saw you would be.  ;)



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