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Re: Plasma mirror

Kelly replied:
>>I assume this is a stationary plasma field, that is kept at the ship. --
>On the ship yes, stationary no.  It is used as the moving reflector that
>sweeps the beem back and forth.  The artical mentioned it can re-aim in 10
>milisec.  (I think.)

I meant the latter, so far I think I understand.

>>- How fast would such a sheet render useless after the power has been cut off?
>Almost as fast as it can be reaimed I'ld guess.

One other question that I'm thinking of, how fast can it be recreated from
"scratch". I could imagine that it is blown away faster than it can be build.
(We cannot just turn off the maser beam, waiting for the ion-mirror to be

>I was thinking the ions would be blown out of the plasma sheet as they
>interact with the beam.  Since the beam presure would be far greater than
>the holding magnetic fields

I guess a "soft" attachment to the starship could work

>>Yes, are you clearvoyant?

>What can I say.  Great minds think alike.

Am I sorry I asked....     ;))