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Hey Dave's company showed up in Istambul

I was browzing through the http://habitat.apple.com/technology.html artical
(Part of the Apple WEB site on the U.N. problems of the cities conference
in Istanbul) and ran across this sum artical.  Sounds like Dave's boss is
playing in Turkey.


The role of information technology in urban development
             Recent developments in information technology, in conjunction
             with the liberalization of trade and the free flow of capital on a
             global scale, are bringing about radical changes to the roles and
             functions of cities.

             Robert Zangrillo, the CEO of InterWorld, a leading Internet
             technology company based in New York City, said new
             communications technology often makes information much more
             widely accessible, thereby accelerating processes of change, new
             issues of social cohesion and personal security. "Those
             governments that make the necessary investments in information
             technology and infrastructure, and empower their citizens to make
             effective use of such technology, can expect to experience
             tremendous growth in industry, trade and commerce," he said.

             Zangrillo said that never before has the possibility of a "global
             village" been so close to being real. "The new technology of the
             Internet has made it possible for people around the world to reach
             out and communicate with others, share ideas, and access valuable
             information to improve their lives."


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