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Re: Post singularity society

>>What about the third world?  They think we're pretty freaky now.  What if
>>we start to radicaly change.  Would they deside we were no longer human?
>>Just a few thoughts.

Yes, we touched this earlier, worrying if we could control them, me
suggesting to create a virtual world to keep them in, so that they could
never do us any harm, but us allowing to look inside to see how they

One should consider what abilities one would like to have, speaking 20
languages fluently? Being able to compute the most difficult mathematical
problems, figuring out the laws of the universe? Or how to love, to life in
this world among and with others?

I assume most of us are looking for a world that offers freedom (in all
ways), eventually such a world will exist, the only problem then will be:
 What to choose...

Another viewpoint is this:
Today we are wondering, how should we treat nature, our origin and mother?
In a few decades we need to take care of our children, they need upbringing,
are we able to give them that? On the other hand, children can help to
understand oneself better.

Just some other thoughts...