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Re: Web docs on space and starflightI

X-From: sl0c8@cc.usu.edu (Brandon Neill)

To: KellySt@aol.com (Kelly Starks)

> On Tue, 16 Apr 1996, Kelly Starks wrote:

> > Hi,
> > Like your web page, though its a bit under constructed.
> > Yeah, I've been planning to work more on it, but haven't 
> > had time --

> > Thought you might be interested in some stuff I've 
> > worked up for a StarShip design club I'm in.  (Yes we're 
> > for real, no I'm not talking star trek!)

> I briefly checked out the pages, looks cool, is this a 
> local club or can anyone join?  Where do you have the 
> discussions, on the internet or ?  I don't know if you 
> looked at my homepage or just the Space pages, but 
> I'm an Aerospace Engineering major so I think I might 
> be able to help, or at least learn.  Let me know. 

> Brandon
> neill@foda.math.usu.edu              "I think therefore I am dangerous"
> http://ashton.lib.dixie.edu/~bneill

We used to have a weekly newsletter to subscribers, but thats been off line
for a while.  At the moment a few of us just cross E-mail one another with
ideas.  I CC'ed all of us in this message, so you now have the list.

Mail load ranges from a couple dozen a day, to a handfull a week (depends
about what we think of).  Also there is our old WEB site on the SunSite
server.  (I'll forward that address asap.)  It holds back copies of the
newsletters and stuff.

We range from ex NASA contractors to students to .. well you can guess.  I'ld
forward our last could of messages, but I just flushed.  I'll see what I cal
recover from the trash.  You can introduce yourself and others can do the
same when they comment.

Welcome to the group.  Ask, or attack, anything you like.  Hope you like it.

Kelly Starks