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Re: problems with beaming

At 10:48 PM 4/16/96, Timothy van der Linden wrote:
>To Lee,
>>>The problem is that the feedback may take upto 10 ly (for deceleration), any
>>>prediction would probably be meaningless.
>>Actually, no. The base course of the ship is known and fairly stable, as for
>>feedback, the reflection off of the sail provides a built-in feedback
>>mechanism better than anything we could build.
>This assumes the starship can keep exact (within 0.5 km deviation) course
>all the time, I'm not convinced about that.
>If you can make everything work with such a slow feedback, then I think that
>you don't even need feedback.

Feed back to who Lee?  Obviously feedback to the transmitters in Sol are
useless given the up to 22 year responce time.  So who is using the



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