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Re: new web site/status report

To Kelly,

>>>How on earth do you pronounce "Yrev Tsaf"?  Does that mean anything special?
>>Try reading it backwards :-)
>Oh, hell!  I thought it was someone out of Dutch mythology or something.

Something like "Flying Dutchman"? :))

>>>The fine print with purple charcters is a little hard to read but not a big
>>I'll make them a bit darker.
>Also might try using a dark red, blue, or green.  Since those are the
>monitors primary colors, they would focus clearer.

Focus, I do not understand? 

>>>This is a big issue to me, since I'm trying to consider things from an
>>>engineer point.  So I usually need exaust velocity/specific impulse, or
>>>power in watts per kilo/pound of fuel, or something.
>>In the formulas for the power the factor M0 is used. Deviding by that will
>>give you power per kilo. In 2 tables the P[t]/M0 is shown.
>True, but only if you know what the MO is for a given fuel (De, Li6, He3,
>p+11B, whatever)

No no, you misunderstood. M[0] and M0 (or Mo) are two completely different
things. M0 is the weight of the empty starship (without fuel) while M[0] is
the weight of the starship WITH all fuel.  (M[T] is the weight of the ship
after it has burned all fuel and is thus equal to M0)