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Re: your web page.

You are happily typing a letter, suddenly all the lights around you dim, the
tele flickers but your computer stays on, then everything flashes on again,
but only for a fraction of a second, after that everything is dead and dark
for almost a full second. Your heart misses a beat... and Yes your computer
has resetted too.
What it is? It's a bad main power meltdown and switchover and it happened to
me a minute ago, so after recovering I can start this letter over again.

>Looks OK (on Netscape). Formulas very readable. 
>Good you make GIFs interlaced and added WIDTH/HEIGHT tags - 
>it speeds up the loading of a readable document considerably.

Nice to see that you noticed that (width/height), many don't know (or use) that.

>However, the choice for the text color is very bad - 
>on this background it is hard to read.
>Please change it, say just to plain black, 
>possibly leaving color for subheadings.

I already made it several tints darker. (Not on the Web yet)

>The text color/background clashes occur also at your other pages.

I find this strange, most backgrounds are rather dark while the text-colour
is bright (yellow, light blue). How many colours does you graphics-card
display in your current screenmode?