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Re: new web site/status report

At 11:19 PM 4/12/96, Timothy van der Linden wrote:
>To Kelly,
>Thank you for looking at my page and giving several suggestions.

No problem.

>>How on earth do you pronounce "Yrev Tsaf"?  Does that mean anything special?
>Try reading it backwards :-)

Oh, hell!  I thought it was someone out of Dutch mythology or something.

>>The fine print with purple charcters is a little hard to read but not a big
>I'll make them a bit darker.

Also might try using a dark red, blue, or green.  Since those are the
monitors primary colors, they would focus clearer.

>>Some of the tables would be more helpfull if related to a physcal thing.
>>For example where you list fusion energy to specific impluse.  Fusion
>>energy is listed in what I think are mass conversion ratios.   (100, 200,
>>300, etc.)  Which would be more help full if you had a table showing what
>>fusion reactions generate those amounts.  Or more clearly explained the
>OK, I will add these, if I'm right these are at your page.
>>This is a big issue to me, since I'm trying to consider things from an
>>engineer point.  So I usually need exaust velocity/specific impulse, or
>>power in watts per kilo/pound of fuel, or something.
>In the formulas for the power the factor M0 is used. Deviding by that will
>give you power per kilo. In 2 tables the P[t]/M0 is shown.

True, but only if you know what the MO is for a given fuel (De, Li6, He3,
p+11B, whatever)

>>Mentioning which units your using in the equations would be a big help too
>>(kilos, gram, mols - watts, ergs, Joules, etc.)
>I had never thought of that, I always use SI units, but I will add a note
>and use units at some places.

Yeah you physics types never remember to write in the units.  ;)   Given
that every disapline and sub topic seem to use difernt measurments, it can
cause confusion.

>>Some parts I couldn't follow.  For example.
>>Results of the calculations:
>> Mass at time t
>>                   : ( 8.1) ( 8.2)
>> Power needed at time t
>>                   : (14.1) (14.2)
>> Total Energy needed
>>                   : (12.1) (12.2)
>>Use (xx.1) when condition (3.3) is true, otherwise use (xx.2)
>>I have no idea what your saying here.  In general I had a hard time
>>following the arangement of the equations and the numbering scheme.
>Hmm, I don't understand what isn't clear. The numbers between round braces
>refer to an equation. That most formulas come in pairs (xx.1 and xx.2) is
>because of condition (3.3). This condition exists because I dump mass that
>isn't used (This is often the case with fusion-fuels).
>Indeed the numbering of (3) (3.0) (3.1) (3.2) (3.3) is less clear, I will
>see what I can do about that. (The reason for that unhandy numbering was
>because I added thing later and didn't want to change all numbering)
>Further there are three groups of formulas, common formulas (x), formulas
>that  look like (xx.1) and formulas that look like (xx.2). The (xx.1) use
>(3.1) and the (xx.2) use (3.2).
>>I couldn't fiqure out how to work back to the equations.  Possibly going
>>through the use of the equations a step at a time or something, might help.
>I do not understand where you have troubles with, I tried to make the steps
>involved very small. Indeed sometimes the rewriting of a formula may give a
>completly new look, but adding extra steps there would make things look more
>complicated than they are.
>What would you suggest (and where).
>(I'm not sure if I understood your question correctly, if not could you
>please restate it?)
>>I tend to get lost in the equation section.  Which can be frustrating since
>>it seems to be covering info I want to get.
>I referred to the few formulas you should need in the part: "Results of the
>  Mass at time t         : formulas (11.1) and (11.2)
>  Power needed at time t : formulas (17.1) and (17.2)
>  Total Energy needed    : formulas (15.1) and (15.2)
>If you still don't see what you are looking for, please ask me again.

Ok, I have to go but I'll try to check it next week.



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