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Re: your web page.

> From T.L.G.vanderLinden@student.utwente.nl Fri Apr 12 15:23:04 1996
> http://www.cpedu.rug.nl/~N0642983/lit/calc.html
> for the document I referred to. I don't expect everybody to read it through
> carefully, just tell me if everything looks OK.
Looks OK (on Netscape). Formulas very readable. 
Good you make GIFs interlaced and added WIDTH/HEIGHT tags - 
it speeds up the loading of a readable document considerably.
A nice joke with the "Yrev Tsaf" name
(I will not disclose it here - 
let the others have something to ponder on too  ;-))

However, the choice for the text color is very bad - 
on this background it is hard to read.
Please change it, say just to plain black, 
possibly leaving color for subheadings.

The text color/background clashes occur also at your other pages.


-- Zenon Kulpa