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Re: Space Navy ideas from '50's

At 3:21 PM 4/12/96, Timothy van der Linden wrote:
>>The DSBF program would do more
>>than insure the US an unassailable nuclear retailatory
>>force; it would open up the Solar System for colonization, much
>>as the sailing ships of old fulfilled both a military and exploratory
>>function. I think I've considered most of the major
>>issues of such a force above; now, let's discuss it
>>in detail.
>I this light (or should I say darkness) developing a huge maser beam by the
>army would not be such a bad idea. I assume that possible enemies would
>launch similar deepspace missiles and that means we want a weapon against
>that again. What would be better then a huge beam? (huge because the aiming
>would be difficult).

Huge enough for our uses would probably  nnot be nessisary for them, and
certainly they wouldn't loan one to us for a decade or two.  ;)

Oh, how much problem is it to get multiple lasers masers phase locked so
they will work in parralel.  I.E. 10 million little lasers in a grid.



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