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At 9:30 AM 3/18/96, David Levine wrote:
>This was posted recently on sci.space.tech.  I had mentioned
>these guys back when we passed our one year anniversary.  At
>the time their site was totally empty - no content at all.
>I checked recently and there was still no real content, and
>they're charging people for membership.  Anyway, for what
>it's worth, here's what they posted.... (they've been
>getting some good press... always makes me feel depressed...
>you guys have been working so much for so long, and no
>one knows...)
>(BTW, Forward and Matloff are both in on this).

Well don't feel bad Dave.  They might not have done anything, but most
everybody on the list has serious credentials.  So what the lack in action.
They make up for in prestigue.  ;)

We could see about submitting something?  Or being cross linked?



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