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To David,

>This was posted recently on sci.space.tech.  I had mentioned
>these guys back when we passed our one year anniversary.  At
>the time their site was totally empty - no content at all.
>I checked recently and there was still no real content, and
>they're charging people for membership.

No wonder, the site is still empty, who wants to pay for nothing,
I remember the time that you told us about IPS, then I added it to my
bookmarks, but now it is long gone.

>Anyway, for what
>it's worth, here's what they posted.... (they've been
>getting some good press... always makes me feel depressed...
>you guys have been working so much for so long, and no
>one knows...)

That they get the press is because they all have dr. for their names.

Maybe our upcoming site will offer better possibilities.

The old LIT-page was made mostly by members, where are these people?

>(BTW, Forward and Matloff are both in on this).
Interstellar Propulsion Society

I know Forward but what makes Matlof a special person?