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Re: Equations for relativistic calculations

At 3:39 PM 3/15/96, DotarSojat@aol.com wrote:
>Timothy wrote, on 3/14/96 at 06:27 EST:
>> If you like to bite in some equations, I've a document on-line at
>> http://indyl.cpedu.rug.nl/~N0642983/download/calc.txt
>When I try to contact that URL, I get the message--
>    "Netscape is unable to locate the server:
>     indyl.cpedu.rug.nl
>     The server does not have a DNS entry."
>Help!  What am I doing wrong?

Don't panic, it could be the server is having a bad day.  Or the net link
to whatever country nl is might be bad.

>I'd very much like to see the equations.  That's precisely the
>subject I'm most interested in.
>Also, will someone please tell me why I get email returned that
>is addressed to zkulpa@zmitl.ippt.gov.pl?  It says "Host unknown
>(Name server: zmitl.ippt.gov.pl: host not found)".

I only got this once, so I assume that it was just a problem in poland (pl).

>I am a late arrival at the Internet.  I thought I had no need for
>it until I read about a "Starship Design Home Page" in the
>September/October 1995 issue of Ad Astra.

Trust us there is a lot out here, but it doesn't always work right.  (Check
out the LIT list of related topics for other space related topics on the

Hope you feel we are worth it.



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