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Re: Equations for relativistic calculations

On Fri, 15 Mar 1996 DotarSojat@aol.com wrote:

> Timothy wrote, on 3/14/96 at 06:27 EST:
> > If you like to bite in some equations, I've a document on-line at
> >
> > http://indyl.cpedu.rug.nl/~N0642983/download/calc.txt
> When I try to contact that URL, I get the message--
>     "Netscape is unable to locate the server:
>      indyl.cpedu.rug.nl
>      The server does not have a DNS entry."

try indy1.cpedu
instead of indyL.cpedu (note: cap "L" for clarity)

> Also, will someone please tell me why I get email returned that
> is addressed to zkulpa@zmitl.ippt.gov.pl?  It says "Host unknown
> (Name server: zmitl.ippt.gov.pl: host not found)".

I know for a fact that the address is zmit1 (with a number 1) other than 
that your address looks okay.  you might try using a different font, one 
that clearly differentiates between one (1) and 'El' (l) and between
zero (0) and 'Oh' (O)

> I am a late arrival at the Internet.  I thought I had no need for
> it until I read about a "Starship Design Home Page" in the
> September/October 1995 issue of Ad Astra.

We were featured in Ad Astra ?!?  WoW!  Cool.  I feel so honored to be a 
part of this from the beginning.