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Re: Another piece of the puzzle?

>>>Sounds like the reflector would be a series of angular reflectors.  They
>>>would reflect the beam a couple of times at angles that would twist the
>>>polorization before returning it.
>>With angular reflector you mean a mirror that reflects with an angle unequal
>>to 180 degrees?
>>If I'm informed right, reflection will (in the end) not give you any
>>rotation the polarization.
>I beleave that the polorization is changed when it reflects off a flat
>surface.  I.E. Light or radio waves are poloried by reflecting off water or
>glass at an angle.  (A serious problem for TV transmitters in the land of
>skyscrapers!)  If you made the reflector out of a lot of piramid like
>reflectors aranged at the right angle it should allow you to change the
>polorization angle by reflection.

All I know is that mostly horizontal polarization is choosen (one can see
that at ones tv-antenna) (hope, I'm not talking non-sense here)
The reason for using that particular polarization is because most objects do
distort the other polarization more.

Does anyone else know for sure what happens?