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Re: Argosy Mission Overhaul

At 3:11 PM 3/12/96, Timothy van der Linden wrote:
>To Brian,
>>>We "know" AI-robots could make anything work but that solution would be a
>>bit >too simple, unless we could come up with a rough design for such kind
>>of >robot.
>>Actually, I'm assuming that robots would have limits based on their
>>programming.  I imagine that the first working, completely automated systems
>>would, in some ways, be less efficient in computer controled hands than if
>>humans were doing the same job.  For example: how do you think computers and
>>robots would have handled the job of bringing home the  Apollo 13 crew?
>In my opinion such robots are intelligent or they aren't (no way between).
>Say that you have figured out a machine with an IQ of 40. Then you could
>probably link them up in such a way that 10 of them together would have an
>IQ of 100.

Have you ever tried putting a room full of morons together and expect them
to do one inteligent persons work?  It doesn't work.  Mobs tend to be less
equivelent then the sum of their parts.  Given that we have no idea on how
to make an A.I. work its hard to tell what it could do, or what its
limitations would be.  It could be far more inteligent than humamans, or be
an idiot savant.  Great at one thing, and hopeless in general.



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