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Re: Explorer Power Gain Problem

At 3:11 PM 3/12/96, Timothy van der Linden wrote:
>To Brian,
>>>I can't confirm this, but I do know the energy numbers I worked out in the
>>>Explorer page were sloppy.
>>Does ANYONE know the proper equations?  I'll try to find time to ask my
>>phsyics professor.
>I do know them, but also have noticed that it is potentially dangerous to
>throw them in the ring. ;)
>The formula in Kellies Explorer page is correct. The same thing you asked
>about that 5 m/s, I asked Kelly some long time ago (so long that he probably
>doesn't remember it anymore (no offence)).

Lost in the mists of time.  But yes I remember you an Zenon were .. ah,
critical, of my math.

By the way.  It would be Kelly's Explorer page, not Kellies.   The 's at
the end of a name is the proper english form.  As you've no doubt noticed I
take spelling very seriously.  ;)



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