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Re: Argosy Mission Overhaul

>From Brian,

>Why worry about a dying drone when you have a
>million others to handle its job?  Fortunately, this system doesn't apply 
>human societies where we do bother to heal the sick.

>The strength of us is that we are all different. Making us so different
>takes many years. When you would simply preprogram us, we would all make 
>same mistakes and die out quickly. (This isn't a complete arguement, but I
>hope it makes you see that mass AI production may not be as nice as you

Who said that all AI's (if that is indeed what we end up needing for 
practical manned interstellar flight) are all of the same variant?

>The Argosy design that I have in mind is, in fact, a maser driven sail
>attached to a ion rocket with a habitat that carries colonists and 
>to a starsystem already visited by Pathfinding/Pathmaking robots.  Those
>robots are assumed to have set up a maser system for decelerating the ship. 

> This solves what has always been our biggest problem, stopping.

>Of course you still need to stop the robots (may be easier because their
>mass is smaller).

My point exactly.