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Re: Another piece of the puzzle?

To Kelly,

>>Do you know the name of such materials?
>>Why are you so sure these materials aren't easely made?
>Some crystals twist the polarization of light that shines through it.
>Don't know about the power absorbtion thou.

Yes, now that you say it, I can remember, the amount of rotation depends on
the length of the crystal.


>>Yes, it would reflect or let through only one polarisation. But I still need
>>a  polarization changer at the retro-mirror.
>>So one piece is already there, now the other one...
>Sounds like the reflector would be a series of angular reflectors.  They
>would reflect the beam a couple of times at angles that would twist the
>polorization before returning it.

With angular reflector you mean a mirror that reflects with an angle unequal
to 180 degrees?

If I'm informed right, reflection will (in the end) not give you any
rotation the polarization.