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Re: Another piece of the puzzle?

At 5:40 PM 3/11/96, Timothy van der Linden wrote:
>To Kelly,
>>> Could we use polarisation as a way to eliminate the effect
>>> of a backward and forward moving beam in the same path.
>>> What if we can make it so that the forward moving beam is
>>>  horizontally polarized and the backwardmoving beam is
>>>  vertically polarized? All the ships sail? has to do is to
>>> discriminate between both kinds of
>>> polarizations and thus reflect only on of the two.
>>Hummm.  Could making the mesh out of long open strips, not open squares,
>>effect its reactions to a polorized beam?
>Yes, it would reflect or let through only one polarisation. But I still need
>a  polarization changer at the retro-mirror.
>So one piece is already there, now the other one...
 Sounds like the reflector would be a series of angular reflectors.  They
would reflect the beam a couple of times at angles that would twist the
polorization before returning it.



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