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Re: Mirrors (Round 3)

>Date: Friday, March 08, 1996 4:31PM

>Please give me a clue about how this aparatus works. You cannot use curved
>mirrors alone, since they are a priory not perfectly curved.
>And if you have figured out how you can turn a diffusive beam of light into
>a parallel beam using mirrors only, I'm very interested since that would be
>worth some money.
>You are right.  We would have to run the beam through a lense that would 
>bend the beams to parallel vectors.  Found that out just thirty minutes ago. 
> Not going to be easy to accomplish on a retro mirror if wavelengths tend to 
>change through doplar shifts

Indeed what we need is an apparatus that can collect light from all
directions and shines it in one direction. The problem is how do we make
such a thing without energy conversions.

       _________    Kind of like a funnel

>NOTE TO GROUP:  I have to go now but I wanted to forwarn you about a 
>conclusion I had about this whole retro-mirror, light-sail propulsion, 
>automotive technology problem.  Its coming tomorrow so get ready for me to 
>slam the hammer down.  (hint: I plan on breaking a lot of unneeded 
>glass/plastic mirrors, etc. and completely rewriting the mission 
>definition).   Got to go to class.  RIGHT NOW!

You're one minute late already.... I feel sorry for you, having class at
4:30 at friday afternoon.
Are you living on campus?