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To Brian

>>How would you transfer the solar energy to nice laser beams? I haven't the
>>faintest idea how that could be done directly.
>Sunlight already IS a laser beam.  Its only very a diffuse one.

Hmm, what do you call a laser beam? I think most people think of a
monochromatic parallel beam of light, the Sun doesn't have either of these
But without discussing the properties of a laser, let me rephrase my question:
How are you going turn Sunlight into a parallel beam of near chromatic light.
(with "near chromatic" I mean a small waveband, since directing all
wavelengths to the Asimov will certainly mean that it ionizes instantly. The
latter happens because it isn't possible to reflect all wavelenghts, so the
ones that hit the Asimov wil ionize it.)


P.S. Now it seems we have such an aparatus, seen the reply to Lee (same subject)