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Re: Mirrors (Round 3)

From: T.L.G.vanderLinden
To: KellySt; kgstar; stevev; jim; zkulpa; hous0042; rddesign; David; 
lparker; bmansur
Subject: Re: Mirrors (Round 3)
Date: Saturday, March 09, 1996 12:00AM

>Date: Friday, March 08, 1996 4:31PM

>Please give me a clue about how this aparatus works. You cannot use curved
>mirrors alone, since they are a priory not perfectly curved.
>And if you have figured out how you can turn a diffusive beam of light into
>a parallel beam using mirrors only, I'm very interested since that would be
>worth some money.
>You are right.  We would have to run the beam through a lense that would
>bend the beams to parallel vectors.  Found that out just thirty minutes 
> Not going to be easy to accomplish on a retro mirror if wavelengths tend 
>change through doplar shifts

>Indeed what we need is an apparatus that can collect light from all
>directions and shines it in one direction. The problem is how do we make
>such a thing without energy conversions.

       _________    Kind of like a funnel

I really wish I knew what to do with this.  Would laser optics work here?

>NOTE TO GROUP:  I have to go now but I wanted to forwarn you about a
>conclusion I had about this whole retro-mirror, light-sail propulsion,
>automotive technology problem.  Its coming tomorrow so get ready for me to
>slam the hammer down.  (hint: I plan on breaking a lot of unneeded
>glass/plastic mirrors, etc. and completely rewriting the mission
>definition).   Got to go to class.  RIGHT NOW!

>You're one minute late already.... I feel sorry for you, having class at
>4:30 at friday afternoon.
>Are you living on campus?

I did get it out.  On the same day, in fact.  It is called the Argosy 
Mission Overhaul.  What do you think of it.  I admit it is not very 
original, but I think it is realistic.  Also read my response to Parkers 
response to that letter.  I add a little something.