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Re: Re: Summary A

Timothy van der Linden

> >> But do we need that much? I know I'm on a hot issue 
> >> here, 20 years ago no one did see the need for computers 
> >> either.
> >> But now that we know what we can do with computers 
> >> we can make a better estimation of what we need as a 
> >> minimum. I've read that the Space Shuttle has less than
> >> 1 Mb of memory (256 Kb?) so that would give us a idea 
> >> of what we need and what we want.
> >
> >Actually the shuttles data limits were a constant problem, even safty
> >problem.

> Do you know why they didn't replace them? Or was 
> replacing them an even bigger safety problem?

No, they just didn't have the money.  Which was why they were using 1960's
B-52 bomber computers with 4K of RAM.   K!

I think they finally swaped tem out for newer computers a couple years back.
 256 K Ram machines!

> >>I didn't know they where thAt save, nice to know though.
> >> Here in Holland we have some guy who is turning an old 
> >> nuclear reactor plant in a recreation palace.
> >
> >??  I never thought they were that interesting.

> He's building a hotel inside it, with a restaurant, a bowling 
> area and probably a swimming pool where the core was 
> previousely.

Wild!  Here in the U.S. he'ld be draged out in the street and hung for making
Nukes look non-demonic.