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Re: Another new? idea

Timothy van der Linden

> Since Brain brought up the idea of a mirror again, I was thinking about it
> again. Instead of using a flat mirror that seems to have a bad reflection,
> present the refocusing retro-mirror :)

Hardly worth the trouble of foucusing over that kind of distence.  I mean it
wil be so close to flat you'll never tell the difference.

> Brian mentioned this, and I'm not sure if he means the same as I do
> >Okay, new twist.  Leave the blasted maser beam on full and use power from
> >the masers to convert to electricity and let the tug boat ion accelerator
> >eat cake (the kind made up of one ion variety of course).   You can tell
> >getting frustrated here.

> Since I see some possibilities here, I want to repeat and > explain it:

> In fact it isn't a mirror anymore, we use a maser collector (analogy of a
> solar-collector) and convert the whole bunch into electricity. > That
> electricity is that used to power an array of masers, just like the ones at
> the Solar home base. So then we have a neat non diffusive or divergent
> retro-beam.

I'ld say that was a clever idea, but since I'm sure I suggested it a couple
days ago and no one noticed, I'll ignore you.  :-P

> I could imagine that there are more efficient ways of redirecting and
> refocussing the beam, but at the moment I only wanted to present the idea
> get some comment about the possible difficulties.

Your talking about some heavy power equipment, but you've eliminated the
almost impossible problem of cleanly reflecting the beam.

While I remember.  Wern't you the one that said the momentum of reflection is
greater than the total power avalible if you absorb the power?  How did that
work again?

I was woundering if we could focus the beam on a reaction mass for some kind
of plasm brake or something.  But can't remember the equations that were
geting thrown about.