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Re: Mirrors (first draft)

From: kgstar
To: Brian Mansur
Cc: Brian Mansur; kgstar; David; hous0042; jim; KellySt; lparker; rddesign; 
Steve VanDevender; T.L.G.vanderLinden; zkulpa
Subject: Re: Mirrors (first draft)
Date: Tuesday, March 05, 1996 12:55PM

Brian 12:40 PM CT 3/5/96,

>I'm not sure I can handel BMP files.  I'm sure I didn't send you a program
>given that my stuff is all Macintosh, and it sound like you are an IBMer.

I B an IBMer indeed.  Not that I know how to use nearly half of its most 
elementary programs though.

>By the way, something I also plan to get to is an e-mail discussing the
>decel problems with the EXPLORER.  Its a great idea if drag can be overcome
>with minimal power losses.  Loading the decel/reacel track is also a pain.

>Stoping these things is a nightmare!  We can't carry enough fuel (unless
>the ships get EXTREEAME), and we can't beam it, because the beam only
>pushes one way.

>Perhaps we're using these beams wrong?  hummm.

If that "hummm" means that you have an idea, please spit it out.  We're 
dying here for a cheap decel method that doesn't take at least 50 years to 
set up.