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Re: Mirrors (first draft)

At 12:48 PM 3/5/96, Brian Mansur wrote:
> ----------
>From: kgstar
>To: Brian Mansur
>Brian 12:40 PM CT 3/5/96,
>>I'm not sure I can handel BMP files.  I'm sure I didn't send you a program
>>given that my stuff is all Macintosh, and it sound like you are an IBMer.
>I B an IBMer indeed.  Not that I know how to use nearly half of its most
>elementary programs though.

Thats Ok.  Its an IBM.  Your not supposed to be able to use more than the
basics.  ;)

>>By the way, something I also plan to get to is an e-mail discussing the
>>decel problems with the EXPLORER.  Its a great idea if drag can be overcome
>>with minimal power losses.  Loading the decel/reacel track is also a pain.
>>Stoping these things is a nightmare!  We can't carry enough fuel (unless
>>the ships get EXTREEAME), and we can't beam it, because the beam only
>>pushes one way.
>>Perhaps we're using these beams wrong?  hummm.
>If that "hummm" means that you have an idea, please spit it out.  We're
>dying here for a cheap decel method that doesn't take at least 50 years to
>set up.

Sorry, still cooking.  If I get it, I'll pass it on.

Frankly, I have a problem with a system that starts with selfreplication
constructors, generating enough power to fry a planet, beaming it (with
optical precision) over interstellar distences, to mesh structures the size
of large planets.  When you then have to go from there to the complicated
stuff (like stoping, shielding, erosion, etc..) I get the feeling were
doing something wrong somewhere.

<grumble grumble>



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