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>According to "Physical Chemistry" fourth ed., by Ira N. Levine. Pub by 
>Mc-graw-Hill, inc. 1995 pg 680:  
>Microwaves are EM-radiation with wavelengths between 10 cm and 1mm.  
>well, it seems I can't use 21 cm radiation... oh well, I'm sure there's a 
>quiet portion of the spectrum somewhere in the microwave region.

Yes, in the graph I looked, all wavelengths from 1E-15 to 1E5 are shown,
along that line the names are mentioned mostly without precise borders, only
the main names (radio, infrared, visible, ultraviolet, Xray, gamma) have
precise borders. Micro waves are indeed the smallest waves of the radiowaves.

>>I'm sorry for my wrong correction. So indeed a reflecting mesh could have
>>holes with a size of about a centimetre.
>Sorry too. But I think that mesh size should be ~1mm don't forget that 
>7:1 doppler shift.  

Yes, assuming 7:1. At least then we won't have trouble with flies ;)