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>Here it is: the detailed design I promised (as detailed as I can make it at 
>the moment anyway).  But first: does the "interstellar drive group" 
>selection that I now see on my address book  now account for everyone in the 
>discussion team?  Okay, on with the show.

This "kgstar <kgstar@most.magec.com>" address is just Kelly at his work.
You missed "jim@bogie2.bio.purdue.edu"
Why didn't you just copy the list I sent you a while ago?

>MARS HYBRID DESIGN II (Kevin already submitted the first this morning)
>Total mission time: 50+ years

Seems quite long, can it also be done in a shorter time?

>     At least one heavy pathfider vessel will be sent before the Asimov 
>using  maser sail to reach a terminal velocity of 1/3c.  Pathfinder carries 
>several thousand, heavy duty, heavy weight, individually targetable, 
>disassembled mirror arrays that will be deployed roughly 30 years later near 
>TC (see reflectors in an upcoming posting).  These arrays (probably making 
>an effective 1000 km+ wide reflector) will reflect maser energy back to the 
>Asimov for the deceleration phase.  The Pathfinder may or may not have a 
>crew depending on the level of automation available at the time of launch. 
> Also, it may or may not carry emergency supplies for the Asimov should they 
>choose to match speed and dock during the deceleration phase.

How are you going to stop this pathfinder, or are the mirrors moving towards
TC with v=1/3c ?
And in advance to your next letter, do the mirrors focus the maser-beam or
do the reflect it "straight" back?