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On Fri, 1 Mar 1996, Timothy van der Linden wrote:
> Damn, you are right (almost). I checked a dictionary and it says microwaves
> is EM-radiation with wavelengths between 1 cm and 1 mm.

According to "Physical Chemistry" fourth ed., by Ira N. Levine. Pub by 
Mc-graw-Hill, inc. 1995 pg 680:  

Microwaves are EM-radiation with wavelengths between 10 cm and 1mm.  
well, it seems I can't use 21 cm radiation... oh well, I'm sure there's a 
quiet portion of the spectrum somewhere in the microwave region.

> >Microwaves have longer frequencies than IR, and i know that IR is about 
> >1 cm or shorter.
> You are almost right again, <1 mm.

agreed. IR <1mm.

> I'm sorry for my wrong correction. So indeed a reflecting mesh could have
> holes with a size of about a centimetre.

Sorry too. But I think that mesh size should be ~1mm don't forget that 
7:1 doppler shift.