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Re: <Two bits worth

>> Hummm.  There is one way your decelerator idea could really have an edge.
>>  Since the decelerator wouldn't need enough power to decelerate itself and
>> all of its fuel, just the light ship.  It may have a much better power to
>> weight ratio!  The ship wouldn't need to decelerate the deceleration fuel.  A
>> microwave decelerator would be very compatable with kevins Microwave sail
>> system.
>I think this system is worth studying.  IF both parts leave Sol by maser 
>sail, and separate at the halfway point.  with the decellerator keeping 
>the maser sail (using it as an antenna converting the maser to elec) and 
>blasting (new twist) fusion fuel right down the Explorer's throat, i 
>think it might work.  

I've thought several times about this solution. I think the problem is that
the thing cannot blast the stuff accurately enough to the mouth of the Asimov.
I always assumed the fly-away part needed some control from people and thus
those were doomed to die flying at near c velocities between the stars.