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>> 2. I'm concerned about the size and weight of the maser sail.  Actually I'm 
>> concerned about anything that has a diameter of a sizable moon.  Do you have 
>> any good idea as to how much the sail will weigh?  After all, if it gets 
>> much above say 100,000 tons (E5 tons), it will probably be too heavy to 
>> carry enough RM to stop.
>The sail can have a large area to weight ratio, because it can have large 
>(~2cm) holes in it.  Like chicken wire, only not as thick.  Because the 
>microwaves have such a large wavelength, they won't even "see" the holes.

Eh, Kevin why do you think that micro waves are called MICRO waves? Assuming
you see what I mean, I think that you agree that such big holes are not allowed.