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Re: <Two bits worth

> Kevin wrote:
> >I think this system is worth studying.  IF both parts leave Sol by maser 
> >sail, and separate at the halfway point.  with the decellerator keeping 
> >the maser sail (using it as an antenna converting the maser to elec) and 
> >blasting (new twist) fusion fuel right down the Explorer's throat, i 
> >think it might work.  

> Tim says:

> I've thought several times about this solution. I think the problem is that
> the thing cannot blast the stuff accurately enough to the mouth of the Asimov.
> I always assumed the fly-away part needed some control from people and thus
> those were doomed to die flying at near c velocities between the stars.

It doesn't need to be very accurate, a (relatively) small ram scoop could 
be used.  since the decellerator would be increasing the local denisty of 
hydrogen (actually it would be nice 2H and 3He or 6Li or 11B) a ram scoop 
of only a few kilometers could do the trick.  We'd only have to calculate 
the time difference between the decellerator portion and the crew section
then see what a reasonable sideways component to the decellarator's 
exhaust is.  then we have a good guess for the ram-scoop size.  

There is one reason I would not like this Solution, it throws away the 
big tanks and the lineac core, both of which could be very useful to the 
exploration crew.  But seeing as this seems to have a good chance of 
working, I suggest that we explore this option a little bit farther to 
see if we run into any violations of the Laws of physics.