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Re: your mail = Greenhouse

> I hope I had the letters right, as far as I know it is the main Australian
> scientific organization. The Australians are concerned a lot about the ozon
> hole (they are the ones that are most fulnarable) I assume this interest
> makes them also a bit more aware about the greenhouse effect.

> Timothy

Ozone hole is also a bit over blown.  It only happend in the dead of winter
over the antarctic, and records show it varies a lot but isn't stronger now
than in late 50's.  No idea whats normal.  (Oh, it does show CFC's ditn't
cause it. They haven't been made that long.)  Effects on the ground are not
critical.  (Even if they did happen outside the antarctic.) Increas UV to the
surface is less than the change due normal weather changes, and of course
since the effect oly happens in winter when the UV is much lower anyway...