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Re: your mail = Greenhouse

>> I hope I had the letters right, as far as I know it is the main Australian
>> scientific organization. The Australians are concerned a lot about the ozon
>> hole (they are the ones that are most fulnarable) I assume this interest
>> makes them also a bit more aware about the greenhouse effect.
>> Timothy
>Ozone hole is also a bit over blown.  It only happend in the dead of winter
>over the antarctic, and records show it varies a lot but isn't stronger now
>than in late 50's.  No idea whats normal.  (Oh, it does show CFC's ditn't
>cause it. They haven't been made that long.)  Effects on the ground are not
>critical.  (Even if they did happen outside the antarctic.) Increas UV to the
>surface is less than the change due normal weather changes, and of course
>since the effect oly happens in winter when the UV is much lower anyway...

Hmm, strange, these Australians seem to worry a lot about it. I also heard
that at times there isn't any ozon at all at the antarctic region (or at
least much less than during other times).
I guess its time for me to have another look in the archives...