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Uh oh :-/

Here we go...
I got this message when I logged in:

The www.tc.umn.edu Web service is scheduled to be down this coming Sunday,   
February 18th, from 8am to 11am.  We will be reconfiguring filesystems 
which will require that the /nlhome hierarchies be unavailable during this 
This will NOT affect www.umn.edu Web service -- only personal web pages.     
END Quote

So what do you think? is 

in trouble?
what should I Do? should I 

1) stand tall and let them find it.

2) hide it, and put it back later.
3) fold now and let the Censors 'win'

your input is hereby sought.  Please respond soon

Kevin 'Tex' Houston
If they won't protect the _First_, they won't protect _any_.