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Re: Bio-sphere-II

To Kelly:

> One of the Good things about places like Biosphere II is not what we will 
> learn about closed-sytem ecologies (which will be argued no doubt), but 
> what they teach us about our consumer society. What we learn to do 
> without and what we find indispensible 

>> Did you ever lok at all the high tech, high maintenence
>>  gear it took to keep Bio-shpere going?  Oh, and it wasn't enough!

>> > Kelly do you know why there was too little oxigen? 
>> > I've never heard the real reason for it, some thought 
>> > the oxigen had oxidated with the metal inside
>> > the construction. I think that the glass may have 
>> > filtered out some essential radiation or it may have
>> >  dimmed the light too much.

Nothing flashy.  The concrete reacted chemically with something in the soil
(can't remember what off hand, sorry)  that starved the planets a bit, which
cut down oxegen production.

>> > Timothy

>> > P.S. You guys shouldn't write so fast, I can't keep up...  ;)