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Re: Fwd: LIT e-mail discussion group

At 12:25 PM 1/23/96, David Levine wrote:
>Kelly Starks x7066 MS 10-39 wrote:
>> Ok, here my first cut of a summary of all the options we've come up with.
>> (or at least all I can remember.)  I figure this is the next step up from
>> Zenons proposed table of contents.  We might want to work this up to a
>> summary or central reference page for the LIT server.  (More detailed
>> secoundary pages could brach off it.)  I'll do more as I get some time.  (I
>> working to finish the first draft of my secound novel!  So I'll be
>> preoccupeid)
>> Please review and comment.
>> Kelly
>> ============================================================
>I really am working (in my spare time) on a new and improved
>LIT site.  This excellent summary document will, of course,
>be on it.

Yeah, I know how spare time can fly (says the guy whos year old first draft
Explorer starship design is still in work).  I really miss having the
newsletters run.  At least we had some hope of getting new people (with new
ideas) in that way.

>By the way, I note there is concern about alien biologies
>overwhelming our biologies.  I think it depends upon how
>advanced the "exo-bacteria" are.  There is also the
>possibility of OUR bacteria completely overwhelming the
>local ecosystem.  This is, of course, undesirable.  But
>not dangerous to us.

I supposed we havn't been talking about the Earth plague risk much.  Nasty
environmental impact stament.  "Ah, well we could whipe out an entire
planetary ecosphere."   F.O.E. would nuck NASA as a premtive strike!

I don't really think the risks are due to sophistication of bacteria.  Just
the fact they might each be about the same level of sophistication, but
inconpatable with the evolved checks and balences of the other ecology.
Sort of like how Kudzu and fire ants (remember them Dave? ;) ) are taking
over the southeastern U.S.  They arn't better or worse, but different
enough to not have a effective local opponent.



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