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Re: Fwd: LIT e-mail discussion group

Kelly Starks x7066 MS 10-39 wrote:
> Ok, here my first cut of a summary of all the options we've come up with.
> (or at least all I can remember.)  I figure this is the next step up from
> Zenons proposed table of contents.  We might want to work this up to a
> summary or central reference page for the LIT server.  (More detailed
> secoundary pages could brach off it.)  I'll do more as I get some time.  (I
> working to finish the first draft of my secound novel!  So I'll be
> preoccupeid)
> Please review and comment.
> Kelly
> ============================================================

I really am working (in my spare time) on a new and improved
LIT site.  This excellent summary document will, of course,
be on it.

By the way, I note there is concern about alien biologies
overwhelming our biologies.  I think it depends upon how
advanced the "exo-bacteria" are.  There is also the
possibility of OUR bacteria completely overwhelming the
local ecosystem.  This is, of course, undesirable.  But
not dangerous to us.