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Re: Carrots

>I wasn't planning on doing anything else :)
>I just had never heard that 1 foot was 12 inches. It's like knowing what a
>decimetre is and what a centimetre but not knowing that it takes 10
>centimetres to get a decimetre. The dodecimal numbering had not reached my
>mind until yesterday.
>Do you also use yards, chains and furlongs?

Yards we use all the time, though feet is the more common unit of measure.
Chains? Maybe not, unless you are a surveyor who measures land units.
Furlongs. You bet. In Horse racing the track is measured in furlongs.
>As I also noticed there go 16 ounces in a pound.
>In Dutch there go 5 "ons" in a "pond" and 2 "ponden" in a "kilo"(=1 kg)
>Long live the English metric system...
>When are the Americans switching to SI units? The English now have an
>official law that prohibits the public use (in stores) of the English units.
>By the way it is here -2 degrees Celcius :) So about 29 degrees Fahrenheit.
>Yes, the Dutch people always talk about the weather :)

I work in the biotechnology industry and we use the metric system all the
time. Metric isn't hard you just have to use it.