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RE: core dump

To Brian:

>>Why not use the beam alone instead of first beaming particles and then a
>>maser beam to ionize them. Also tapping the magnetic field would probably
>>have a very bad efficiency.
>I'm not sure I follow you here.  Did I mension that I only want launch this 
>thing using a RPBP or PPP or whatever and figured on using an ion drive to 

Yes, I'm sorry.

>I didn't think that 10 km^2 per unit would be enough to push the solar 
>collectors beyond what we could compensate for by adding some weight, 
>recycling them through Mercury, or whatever.

I think the collectors will be lighter than our spacevessel the Asimov so
their final velocity will be bigger than that of the Asimov. Adding some
weight may help, but the total collecor should become at least 100 times
heavier than the Asimov which is not very practical. Recycling to Mercury
may not be so nice, the shear forces may rip the 10 km array apart. (I'm not
sure how close you want to get)

>I'm not convinced that 100 years would be too long for such a monumental 
>project as reaching the stars.  I envoke the cliche that Rome wasn't built 
>in a day, much less the Roman Empire.  I submit that this plan be considered 
>if nothing better can be done.

While building Rome, people had direct profit, namely a save place to live.
Building a "big rocket" may only give them a job, but who's going to pay them.

>I've got to go RIGHT NOW says my lab monitor.  I'll finish my responses 
>tomorrow.  Thanks Tim.

Don't thank me, it my job :)