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Re: Carrots

To Steve:

>> >From here I've a real hard time following your calculus...
>it's not calculus, just simple arithmetic.

I wanted to boost up you ego ;)
    (or was it my limited knowledge about the English language again)

>I think that I have answered your "so-called" errors, as for the volume 
>calculation, here it is again.

Thanks, now I can see that you where right from the start, it was quite a
bunch of data all stacked in a small text, now it is much clearer.

>no, the creation of the food (6H20 + 6CO2 + energy --> C6H12O6 +6O2) 
>removes most of that oxygen from the system (plant)  it is the non-food 
>portion which consumes oxygen that can not be recovered. you can see 
>this by considering what happens when you eat the food.  the oxygen that 
>the plant exhaled combines with the sugar that you ate to produced energy 
>plus CO2 + H2O

Yes, I knew that, and I'm not certain why I questioned the amount of oxigen
I think I thought that at night the plant uses oxigen, and the larger the
plant-mass, the more oxigen it needs. So I assumed that a large plant with
few leaves used more than it would create. Has this thinking any realism?
Brian do you know it?

>> (It took me a while before I figured out that 1 feet is exactly 12 inches)
>When you post equations, you can write in SI if you want to but I find 
>when i am estimating sizes, that American system works for me.  I will 
>answer any questions you have on relationships etc.

I wasn't planning on doing anything else :)
I just had never heard that 1 foot was 12 inches. It's like knowing what a
decimetre is and what a centimetre but not knowing that it takes 10
centimetres to get a decimetre. The dodecimal numbering had not reached my
mind until yesterday.
Do you also use yards, chains and furlongs?

As I also noticed there go 16 ounces in a pound.
In Dutch there go 5 "ons" in a "pond" and 2 "ponden" in a "kilo"(=1 kg)
Long live the English metric system...
When are the Americans switching to SI units? The English now have an
official law that prohibits the public use (in stores) of the English units.

By the way it is here -2 degrees Celcius :) So about 29 degrees Fahrenheit.
Yes, the Dutch people always talk about the weather :)