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No Subject

To Kelly and Zenon,

This is a NASA-newsletter that I got yesterday, it neatly reflects
(y)our discussion which is going on.

(I've added the > for the most important part)


NOTE:  The following statement by NASA Administrator Daniel 
S. Goldin was released today in observance of the upcoming 
10th anniversary of the Challenger accident.

     "The best way to honor the memories of the crew of the 
Challenger, and of all the men and women who have given their 
lives to explore the frontiers of air and space, is to 
continue their bold tradition of exploration and innovation.  
That's what the people of  NASA do every day.  They push the 
boundaries of knowledge and human endeavor to improve and 
enrich life on Earth today and secure a better future for all 
of us tomorrow.

>      "I've said many times that safety is the highest 
> priority at today's NASA.  We will not waver from that 
> commitment.  But human beings have always taken great risks 
> to reap great rewards.  Space flight is inherently dangerous 
> and every member of the NASA team understands those risks.

     "I'm proud of the women and men of NASA.  They're 
blazing the trail to the future.  They're building the 
components of the International Space Station.  They're 
constructing spacecraft that will explore the farthest 
regions of the Solar System and the universe, and satellites 
that will monitor the health of our own blue planet for years 
to come.  They're conducting cutting edge research that will 
make airplanes faster and safer, and they've made the Space 
Shuttle the most capable, reliable and versatile spacecraft 
in the world."