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Re: Happy New Year

>Well, I have done the first of my new years projects. I created a mailing
>group for this group. No more cutting and pasting for this guy in the new year.

Didn't you do that before? How for heaven sake have you been archieving 140

>Engins!! Boy, is that a topic. I don't know the physics of all of this but
>it seems that we just don't have the technology yet to get what we need for
>this project. I hope I'm wrong, soon.

The problem is the amount of power needed, no technology of today except for
H-boms can give us that power easely.

>Without knowing the mission or propulsion, the size of the ship isn't known.
>Hab spaces are seem to be dependent on the first two.

If we want to go to TC, habsize doesn't depend on the kind of propulsion, we
just NEEDS space to live and work in. Every extra kilogram that is not
needed should be eliminated regardless of the type of engine.

>The means of getting to TC or where ever it is we decide to go does seem to
>revolve around a power plant though. The question, to me, is, if we can't do
>it yet, why not pick a more realistic and closer goal that we could expect
>to acchive by 2040 or 2050.

What about a mission to Venus? The high temperatures would make it a nice
Or the outer regions of our solar system, doing it as fast as possible, ie.
using 1g all the time. The trip would take about 3 weeks.
We could of course stay on Earth and look for a way to easely go to the
bottom of the oceans. A submarine that isn't limited by 300 or 1000 metres
of depth.

>The best Beads come from RD Designs.

Ric, are these Beads the beads on a cord? (I wondered about this since the
first time I read your signature)