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Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!!

Well, I have done the first of my new years projects. I created a mailing
group for this group. No more cutting and pasting for this guy in the new year.

Well, what do we want to get completed this year?

Mission Plans were few. the mission still needs to be defined.

Engins!! Boy, is that a topic. I don't know the physics of all of this but
it seems that we just don't have the technology yet to get what we need for
this project. I hope I'm wrong, soon.

Without knowing the mission or propulsion, the size of the ship isn't known.
Hab spaces are seem to be dependent on the first two.

Crew size is determined by ship and habitat sizes. 

The means of getting to TC or where ever it is we decide to go does seem to
revolve around a power plant though. The question, to me, is, if we can't do
it yet, why not pick a more realistic and closer goal that we could expect
to acchive by 2040 or 2050.

The above opinions are my own and do not reflect those of the management. :-)

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