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RE: David

ReplyTo: David

>>I like the idea of a discussion system, in fact that is what we are doing
>>for the last 2 months. At the time I didn't vote on this because I did not
>>participate that much. A "subscribe" list would probably be very handy.
>Actually, perhaps I didn't explain myself well... when I say a "web-based
>discussion system" I mean one that works entirely though the WWW, and
>does not include email in any way.  You would post using forms, and
>read the discussion on a series of pages.  However, I think the majority
>of the most active people seem to prefer an email discussion list.

What is the real difference? If you have a mail-adress, you can forward all
mail to a single file. (maybe change the filename every week) That file
could be made visible in a web page. This of course is the most crude
method, but it will work. (this way all mail-headers are included of course)
Having to fill out forms takes a while, even if you copy it directly from a
pre-written text into the form. For people with limited (dialup) access it
is much more handy to send a single mail. Also downloading several pages is
less convenient than just getting your mail.

>Just so you know, my response right now to such an offer would be
>"please, go ahead, write something and let me know when you have
>finished".  This is how I responded to several people who wished to
>write articles for LIT (i.e. Ges Seger, Jack Sarfatti come to mind...
>there are a few others who have contributed that I can't remember
>off-hand at the moment) in the past... If you made an offer to which
>I said "I don't have the time at the moment" in response, I can
>only assume that your offer was not of the "I have an idea for an
>article I'd like to write" variety, but rather a "what can I do to help?"
>offer.... my response to the latter would STILL be "I'll have to get
>back to you, I don't have the time right now", mainly because I
>don't have the time to figure out who should be writing what, when,
>and how.  I always accept anything you'd want to put on the pages.
>When SunSITE gets its act together again, I'll do a quick survey
>for you, and I think you'll find that at least a third of the starship
>school pages are not by me... and ALL of them were pages people
>just sent me, saying "here, can you use this?"  So, please, if
>you want to do something (and this is to everyone), please do it.
>When LIT is back, it can continue to grow in the way it has in the

In fact you had already some subjects (shown on some webpage), I asked you
if you could tell me what the exact purpose was, because some of the
subjects were quite broad.
It would have been better if you had responded: "Just write, and I will put
it on the web" instead you indeed wrote "I'll have to get back to you, I
don't have the time right now".
Also I said I had a Pascal-program that could do some calculations, I don't
know what your answer was, but it wasn't "send it to me".

>>As I wrote before I can understand that you are busy, but I can't 
>>that you have not 15 minutes to write a letter to people that try to build
>>something together with you.
>Um, I've looked through my archive of the current batch of "newsletters",
>extending back to November 5th (again, a majority of these come from
>Kelly), and find... um... let's see... zero from Tim, out of fifty nine
>messages since then.  When I respond to this list (and granted it's
>not often... but to be honest, most of this discussion is out of my
>technical depth, and I've rarely participated in the project since it's
>beginnings over a year ago anyway, even when it was five newsletters
>once a week) it's reply-to-all.... if you're not getting them, I can only
>assume you're not getting the letters I'm responding to anyway.
>Actually, I have a bad feeling now that apparently with my 59 messages,
>I'm still missing quite a number.  Sigh.

There are about 140 of them, I have all letters since contact was "lost".